Hey, Yusuf here. A curious learner. Trying to build products while learning the required skills along the way. Only goal is to tackle problems by any means and make something people want.

Currently working on Carbofil.

Love to capture moments from life and people. Amateur photographer. Interested in Visual Arts, AGI, Social Ventures, Greek Myth and so on.

Junior CS Major at ITU. Previously at Nemria as Co-Founder and before that LuckyEye as part-time Software Engineer for more than a year. Worked at CBILAB working on HERMES and other projects to develop skills. Currently on Carbofil. Mostly focused on product and full stack web dev.

Always available at: yusufhilmicr[at]gmail.com



Nemria was the story of our team who built and shipped products constantly. We set out a mission to build constantly until we focus on solving one problem with our skills. In the this journey we found that problem and started working on it. It was Carbofil. See the story in:



Horae was an app I needed to keep log of my time. We hope to help people measure their life. Created MVP in 7 days with my cous Furkan. Accepting Beta users now.



A social venture to respond help calls of people in Turkey via our website. Open-Source to let more people contribute. Currently, trying to make the model work. It was a harder process to partner up with CSO’s in Turkey than we expected. We were newbie entrepreneurs. The problem we thought actually didn't existed in NGO's. Their resources barely enough for current demand.

Trends Tracker

An news analysis SPA I’ve created as an intern at LuckyEye. Augmented visualization of text-analytics response from IBM Discovery service. An instance created for covid-19 news related to Turkey: tt-covid

UAV Testing

Testing system for drone motors. It was a graduation project of a Production Engineer.

I have written all code for testing system on Arduino and dealt with required sensors. Repo at:


Art of Random

A one day project. Creates random designs with illustrations made by abdupala. Main goal is to create a uniform but unique business card variations. Lacks proper UI for now. Just pure HTML, JS, and a d3.js. Repo at: github/yusufhilmi/art-of-random

Demo: art-of-random


A smart assistant that helps people to develop skills in Python programming language, algorithms, and data structures.
I wish it had been a succesful product but it was a FAILURE after 7 months of work.
It is the project that taught me I was lacking real world experience and lots of skills and knowledge. Started working in LuckyEye afterwards.

Initial design of Hermes


I started expressing myself and try to help others through writing. I hope it might be useful to some people at least. I’ve always admired people who were sharing their knowledge and expertise. I hope I can help other people by sharing my progress and knowledge as well.

On MEDIUM: medium/@yusufhilmi

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