Hey, Yusuf here. I am building Searchbase . A hyper-personalized search engine that helps you search through everything you consume.

To see who I am, take a look at my history.

You can reach out on twitter @yusufhilmi .


Focus! Site Blocker

A friction-full site blocker and a todo list app as a chrome extension. Custom redirect for users of other note-taking/todo apps. With dark mode and keyboard shortcuts.

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Loan Calculator with Exchange Rate

A loan calculator for people who are earning USD in a high inflation country with low interest rate like Turkey. Support sharing the calculation you made with others.

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Brig Note

A voice recording app that lets you take timestamped notes while listening to a lecture or interviewing someone. It was #3 product of the day in Product Hunt when launched.

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A lifestyle app that suggests daily activities and eco-friendly brands to people who are trying to switch to sustainable options. I was naive enough to think we could've done some impact on climate change with this lifestyle app. Hired and managed a team of 5, designed and managed product, and by trade coded a bunch.


UAV testing system

Testing system for drone motors. It was a graduation project of a Production Engineer I helped in my prep year . I have written the code for testing system and learnt a bit of hardware



A time tracking app to log hours of the day. Built it to see how many hours I was putting in for my side projects.

logging hours put into work and other things for the day


Just a fun memory game. Pick a shape, set your timer and see if you can remember it.

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a mockup of the exashape memory game

Art of Random

A one day project. It creates a uniform but unique business card background designs. Lacks proper UI.

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A social venture to respond help calls of people in Turkey. Failed because built something NGO's didn't need. Their resources was barely enough for demand from their current channels.



A smart assistant robot that teaches people Python, algorithms, and data structures with a real world game. Worked on it at CBILAB with Batu Ince and Emircan Kilickaya (R.I.P brother 🙏)